Our Mission

At Livefully we hope to inspire you to think a little
differently about what it means to live well to age well.
 Our goal is to help you discover a happier, healthier,
more energized you!  
Life is a Journey...Enjoy Each & Every Step

My Story

Livefully was born out of my need to navigate the complex world of being a caregiver to my elderly parent while working full time, taking care of my own family, and getting older myself.  I, like so many others, struggle to eat well, exercise and do not regard my own self-care as a priority. I was always too busy taking care of everyone & everything else, except myself.  I recognized after my parent moved in, that if I didn't start changing the way I was living my life, then I was destined to be that stereotypical "old person" riddled with diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, etc.  

This was not appealing to me at all!


I realized that in order to understand what my baby boomer parent was

going through - I needed to get educated!  I have become a little obsessed with aging although in a completely positive way!  Positive ageing is a term used to describe the process of maintaining a positive attitude, feeling good about yourself, keeping fit and healthy, and engaging fully in life as you age.  While there is a great deal of living your best life information out there, I found that most of the aging resources out there are geared to those 65 years of age and over. Why do we wait until we are 65 to start thinking about getting older?  I certainly didn't!  I believe the younger you start to think about the aging process, the more resilience, perspective, and connection you will have in later life that will help you age better.


I have discovered that the path to aging well in today's society is based on how you live your life and what you do with it!  With the enormity of resources out

there - how do you start and what do you believe?!

For me, my journey began by putting one foot in front of the other & doing things differently than I did the day before!


Lee Anne - Owner & Lovelies Founder